Our 4 favorite (trail-) running routes

Instead of joining the Black Friday hysteria and going crazy while hunting some shopping deals, you should just treat yourself to a relaxing run through the city and its green surroundings. Regular running prevents many diseases. People who run regularly not only improve their fitness and endurance, but also train the cardiovascular system. Running is suitable for almost everyone. However, you should make sure that you are healthy all around. When you're up for it and ready to power out, all you need is warm running clothes and the right running shoes and you're ready to go. 

We have picked our four favorite running routes around our home Berlin which should motivate you to explore your city’s green areas:

1. Tegeler Forst - Old trees and lots of water
The starting point for this green running route is the Frohnau S-Bahn station. From here you will quickly reach the Tegeler Forst. After a few kilometers, you will pass a fantastic row of beech trees and reach the Ehrenpfortenberg summit cross, the highlight of this route. With 69 meters this is the highest natural elevation of the district Reinickendorf. Continue in the direction of the Havel River, where a beautiful bathing area awaits you. Back in Tegler Forst you will pass the highest tree in Berlin, which measures 42.5 meters. A little further on you will see the "Dicke Marie" - the oldest tree in Berlin, which is older than the city of Berlin itself. Continue over the Tegeler Hafenbrücke, along the Tegeler Hafen to the destination of this route: the Tegel S-Bahn station.

2. Sunken forest in the Biesetal
This beautiful route takes you through the sunken forest in the Biesetal. The start is the S-Bahn station Birkenwerder. Through the forest along the Briese you walk on small paths. The route leads past a green stream, then over a small bridge to the Mühlenbecker Moor. Here the green color pallet romps only so.Over a bridge you reach the other side of the Briese and a little further on you come across an old forester's lodge. The perfect place for a little break. Continue along the water. The last kilometers lead along a fairy-tale moorland path, from which you will return to the starting point.

3. Through the Grunewald
From the Heerstrasse S-Bahn station, you set off into the Grunewald. A real highlight awaits you here: the Drachenberg. With good weather conditions you have a view of the Berlin skyline. From here you run to the neighboring Teufelsberg, which houses the ruins of the former radar station from the times of the Cold War. The rest of the run passes the sand dunes in Grunewald, Dahlemer Feld and finally leads to a drinking water fountain at Forsthaus. The last stretch of this route is the single trail at Pechsee and the single trail Postfenn. Here you can fully enjoy the tranquility of the forest. The destination of this route is the S-Bahn station Pichelsberg.

4. Under, over and around water
The route starts at the Friedrichshagen S-Bahn station. This route leads around the large Müggelsee first to the Kanonenberg. The Kanonenberge was actually still used in the German Empire for testing cannons and weapons. Nowadays it is nice and peaceful here and you can enjoy a view of the Müggelberge and the Müggelturm. Passing the Teufelsee and a long jump, you reach the Großer Müggelberg. The Großer Müggelberg is with 114.7 meters the highest natural elevation in Berlin. Once you have reached this destination, you are already heading towards the S-Bahn station Rahnsdorf, the destination of this run.