Inspired by his love of baseball following a trip to the U.S., founder Rihachi Mizuno established Mizuno in 1906 hoping to increase interest in the quintessential American sport inside Japan. While it started out selling mostly baseball gear, over the next 70 years Mizuno would expand its offering greatly, creating equipment and clothing for tennis, golf, skiing, track and field, boxing, soccer, and less widely played sports like handball.

During the 1980s, Mizuno made developments that would contribute to making the brand what it is today. This would eventually lead to the creation of Mizuno’s most well- known technology: the Mizuno Wave Technology.

Mizuno believes in the values of sport, and the same values form and cultivate the corporate culture of which the company is proud: friendship, team spirit, fair play, respect for others. When encouraged to be innovative, an energetic and motivating corporate culture will foster.