At HOKA, their goal is to inspire people to move. The brand wants to empower all athletes to act fearlessly and creatively, to drive forward with purpose and passion...


    Since 1958, Snow Peak has made Japanese-designed, lifetime-guaranteed outdoor products. While they’ve evolved considerably over the last 60 years...


    Find the latest drops of the Tokyo based magazine that connects people with culture, products with context, subcultures with eras, and artists with the world.


We are a diverse group of visionaries connected through the idea of shaking things up. We build on unexpected networks and symbiotic relationships to redefine fashion by infusing universal classic designs with function, transforming them into the ultimate uniform for daily business in the city and beyond.

  1. “Polyester Stinks Quickly”: Myths and Facts About Artificial Fabrics

    Artificial (or synthetic) fabrics have long been an integral part of the modern individual's everyday wardrobe. They provide a broad range of styles, comfort, and convenience, seamlessly blending with other materials. However, several questions concern customers, especially during hot seasons: What are the properties of synthetic fabrics in hot weather? Do they facilitate air circulation? How eco-friendly are they compared to natural fabrics? In this article, we will explore two popular materials for spring and summer clothing — polyester and nylon — and analyze their attributes within the context of warm weather. This is particularly pertinent now as spring is already here and the heat is just around the corner.
  2. Salomon XT-6 | The Rise to Hype

    Now, they are not just sneakers; they have become a unique bridge between trail running and street fashion. You can see them in the mountains, on the streets, and in fashion shows. They are chosen not only by outdoor sports enthusiasts and true nature fans but also by fashion influencers and various celebrities. They are literally everywhere. Salomon XT-6. The hottest sneakers of the last few years.
  3. Fashion and War | Interview with Ukrainian Brand M0D44

    After a short break, we are delighted to present another interview from ARYS Talks, where we delve into the worlds of creatives, artists, and brands that inspire and resonate with our ideals and vision of fashion. In this edition, we converse with the founders of the Ukrainian fashion brand, M0D44 – Oksana and Anton, whose commitment to both fashion and their homeland is a testament to the power of creativity in hard times.

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