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Knister: German's Favourite Hobby

We wouldn't be a store based in Germany without talking about our favourite hobby: Barbecuing. Temperatures are rising and people are gathering outdoors (COVID-free, of course) to grill - at the lake or in the park in BBQ safe zones. Flimsy, disposable grills make for a not-so-pleasant experience. We value good products, not only in clothing, but also in equipment.
So let's talk about the Knister Grill.

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Maximum safety for you, minimum impact for nature - Klättermusen S/S ‘21

Klättermusen is a Swedish outdoor brand with a sharp eye for attention to detail, always striving to make the best product possible. From design and production to packaging, distribution and up-cycling the products. The list just goes on and on. Based in Åre, the literal translation of the not-quite-serious name means "Climbing Mouse". The name may not take itself seriously, but this brand makes the most advanced mountaineering gear with a contemporary take on outdoors wear.

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M0D44 - Not great, not terrible

Based in Kiev, M0D44 reflects the influence of Western and Eastern civilisations on local culture. This young brand is making waves with their unique approach to graphic design, sourcing their patterns from random pictures on the internet. The name [m0d44] - ‘module’ is a reference to the technical aesthetics of the brand and the telephone code of Kiev 044.

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Warming up for normality

It feels like a different age when we were carefree, partying, eating out or shopping. A difficult time for all the people of this world. Fortunately, the end of the pandemic seems closer than ever and the wait will soon be over. What awaits us after the crisis? What happens next? We definitely have an answer to some questions: The ARYS Store. We are currently putting together a puzzle that brings together the most exciting brands in the world today. With ARYS we already have an electric ride behind us, where we got to know fantastic brands and people. These...

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