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A large part of the collection is made with Teflon®, an invisible fabric technology that repels both water and dirt without affecting the overall quality or functionality of the garment. Other features of this technology include faster drying times and improved durability. High water and energy consumption is avoided in the production of Teflon textiles.


Recycled Polyester

Polyester (PET) can be recycled chemically or mechanically. Chemical recycling means that plastic waste is converted back into its individual monomers (continuous fibers) under the action of substances and can thus be used again in the manufacture of clothing and other products. Mechanical recycling, however, represents the rule. In this process, the product is mechanically shredded and converted into a so-called polyester chip, which is then used to produce a new fiber.

Organic cotton

Genetic manipulation is prohibited in the production of organic cotton. Organic cotton, unlike conventional cotton, is free of chemical pesticides and remain free of toxic substances during further processing (dyeing and finishing).

Recycelted Nylon

Recycled nylon is reprocessed from nylon that has already been used and comes from waste products such as old fishing nets, carpets or pantyhose. As with polyester, this can be done by mechanical or chemical means.


A thin film of liquid polyurethane applied to the outer material or textile fibers. It is highly water repellent. It also makes textiles tougher, more resistant to kinking and abrasion. It is flexible and durable at the same time and usually breathable.


The high-performance, washable and quick-drying padding is very light and offers excellent insulation values as well as optimum breathability. It is also very sustainable, as in the comfortemp® Fiberball Eco version it is made of 70% recycled polyester, for which used PET bottles are recycled.


PFC stands for per- and polyfluorinated chemicals. PFCs consist of carbon chains of different lengths. The special feature is that the hydrogen atoms in these chains have been replaced by fluorine. This means that it is an artificially produced, synthetic compound. PFCs are now found all over the globe in nature and cannot be broken down by it, but only burned under extreme heat. In addition to environmental pollution, once in the human body they can affect the hormonal system through accumulation and impair reproductive ability. Some PFCs are also classified as carcinogenic.

HeiQ Fresh

HeiQ Fresh is a family of silver-free odor control textile technologies with ingredients that are either bio-based or mineral-based. HeiQ Fresh products tackle the real problem of smells on textiles effectively by adsorbing VOC (Volatile Organic Compound or the “smelly molecules”). It is silver-free and has no impact on fabric properties such as breathability, color, hand feel or wicking.



Products made of GORE-TEX materials are durably waterproof and windproof. At the same time, they combine breathability and durability. The core of GORE-TEX technology is an extremely thin membrane with over 1.4 billion pores per square centimeter, each of which is 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water but 700 times larger than a sweat particle. In short, this membrane lets no water in, but all sweat out.


ASICS DUOMAX™ technology reduces stress on the foot caused by overpronation. Used at a 35 degree angle, the DUOMAX™ insole works with ASICS AdaptTruss technology to create a counterweight for optimal suppleness with every step.


This rubber compound provides traction, especially in wet and slippery conditions. The ASICSGRIP™ outsole has been designed with a tread pattern for uphill and downhill running to improve maneuverability when traversing different types of terrain.


By combining a lightweight foam formulation with a high-energy return elastometer for increased bounce and unrivaled toe-off to give you better performance out of every stride.


The Nature Bathing™ collection is a running shoe and apparel collection from ASICS that makes road running shoes suitable for off-road use. It is inspired by the Japanese expression 'shinrin-yoku' which translates to 'a visit to the forest for relaxation' - also known as forest or nature bathing.

FF Blast™ Plus

ASICS' FF BLAST PLUS technology is a foam innovation and provides high-energy cushioning through impact protection and energy return, bringing positive energy to any run.


ASICS TRUSSTIC™ technology provides adaptive support and smoother transitions on long distance runs. TRUSSTIC™ technology reduces localized pressure where it flexes in normal running conditions, but stiffens when the foot rolls too much, according to the terrain you're running on.

OrthoLite™ X-55

With an unprecedented 55% resiliency, OrthoLite® X55™ foam provides the ultimate wearing experience—with awe-inspiring step-in comfort and all-day energy return that sets a new standard in comfort and performance. OrthoLite® X55™ is engineered to enhance every wearing occasion- including casual, dress, outdoor and athletic footwear. X55™ resiliency and energy return help contribute to less foot fatigue and provides unrivaled stability, comfort and performance under all conditions from on the court, to out on the trails, or on the way to the office.

3D Space Construction™

The technology under the heel helps the runner make better contact with the foam while providing a softer feel underfoot.


AHAR™ and AHARPLUS™ are outer sole materials with excellent abrasion resistance, and also come in sponge type with good cushioning. They improve the durability of shoes while maintaining necessary functions including grip. The abrasion resistance of the outer sole greatly influences the life of shoes. AHAR™ and AHARPLUS™ have been developed based on the concept of contributing to environmental load reduction by prolonging the life of products, using abrasion-resistant materials for soles to make them durable for long-term use.


Lighter, stronger and more sustainable than conventional outsole rubber. It increases the durability and life of the shoe immensely.