Go for a Ride

November 22 is the international GO FOR A RIDE DAY. Just put your laptop or cell phone aside and get out the door. The best thing to do is to hop on your bicycle and ride around the city for a few hours. This clears your head and gives you new energy for the next challenges at work. Riding a bike in this nasty November weather? There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment. And we have a solution for that, of course. One of our favorite brands is CCP from Japan. We are one of very few retailers outside of Japan that offers the all-new and super high quality winter styles. CCP specializes in urban cycling in Tokyo. But the gear works just as well in our home city of Berlin. We have tested the items and are absolutely convinced! Check out CCP in our store and then head straight to the track.

If you scroll down you will find one of our favorite routes through the north of Berlin, which has some natural highlights... 

The starting point is Kollwitz Platz in Prenzlauer Berg, which is only a few steps away from the ARYS Store.

From here, you head to the north-east of Berlin. First you drive comfortably through Kollwitzstraße and Prenzlauer Berg, then through Weißensee to Niederschönhausen. It doesn't take long to reach the beautiful surroundings. On an idyllic bike path you pass grazing horses and green fields. A little further on, the route begins along the Panke, the third longest river in the Berlin city area. Next, you reach the Schlosspark Niederschönhausen. Here you’ll find some park benches, which tempt you to relax, snack or read. Continue in the direction of Bornholmer Straße. Here the Kirschbaumallee, a section of the Berlin Wall Trail, awaits you. In celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, generous Japanese citizens donated these cherry trees. Back in the center of the city, you will get a wonderful view of the Berlin TV Tower. Via the Schwedter Steg you return to our neighborhood. The last stretch takes you through the famous and recently renovated Mauerpark and through typical Prenzlberg streets full of trendy cafes, restaurants and stores.

Check out the route in detail:

This is CCP 

CCP (Crazy Character Print) was founded by Tsutomu Kijima, a former Hysteric Glamour insider in 1996. The Tokyo based cycling wear-heavy brand makes sustainable & cutting edge products that are tough, yet soft; without compromising on the quality. Perfect for cycling around in the concrete or any other outdoor activities. This Japanese brand oozes "If You Know You Know".