Knister: German's Favourite Hobby

We wouldn't be a store based in Germany without talking about our favourite hobby: Barbecuing.
Temperatures are rising and people are gathering outdoors (COVID-free, of course) to grill - at the lake or in the park in BBQ safe zones.
Flimsy, disposable grills make for a not-so-pleasant experience.We value good products, not only in clothing, but also in equipment.
So let's talk about the Knister Grill.

Founded by Carolin Kunert, who came up with the idea of a sustainable and portable stainless steel grill after struggling with the problems of a disposable one.

After a few years of development, she came up with the ultimate grill that will make any BBQ nerd's head spin

What makes this brand so special is the transparent communication from the manufacturing process to the distribution of the product to the customer. Every part of the grill is made locally in Germany or sourced in Europe - saving a ton of CO2.
From distribution to production, everything is 98% plastic-free.The grill is made to last a lifetime. Every part is recyclable and everything is replaceable if something breaks or gets lost. Flimsy, disposable grills are a thing of the past.

Check out the selection of Knister grills in our web store. The Premium version is currently sold out, but we still have the compact "Small" version and of course the "Original" in black fireproof coating.