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Maximum safety for you, minimum impact for nature - Klättermusen S/S ‘21

Klättermusen is a Swedish outdoor brand with a sharp eye for attention to detail, always striving to make the best product possible. From design and production to packaging, distribution and up-cycling the products. The list just goes on and on.Based in Åre, the literal translation of the not-quite-serious name means "Climbing Mouse". The name may not take itself seriously, but this brand makes the most advanced mountaineering gear with a contemporary take on outdoors wear.With the help of Japan and their customers' taste in clothing and brands, they catapulted into the GORP-Core market as one of the coolest "if you know you know" outdoor brands without even trying.Klättermusen's attention to detail, the love for the environment, and Swedish highland earth tone palette earns them the highest praise from every influential outdoor apparel Instagram mood board like and @114.index, and their fan base continues to grow every season.Check out Klättermusen's first Spring/Summer '21 delivery, which is themed "maximum safety for you, minimum impact for nature." The collection features a range of fabric innovations, with highlights including the Ansur Double Trouble, consisting of a water- and wind-resistant jacket and parka - weighing just 270g and 352g respectively - as well as the practical and roomy Gebo Tote Bag and breathable shorts for summer.

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