M0D44 - Not great, not terrible

M0D44 embodies the perfect mix of workwear, graphic design and quality. The young label from Kiev can not be labeled that easily. You will find experimental utilitarian vibes mixed with sleek design and bold graphics that every Berlin Tekno flyer, inciting you to have the best underground rave of your life, would look like. Under the motto of ‘Not great, not terrible”, M0D44 also represents a mindset that streetwear needs: A humble and humorist approach on the bloated levels streetwear has reached today. You may have not heard about M0D44 yet; but do you really need to know them to admit they are on another level? Their clothes are great and the ARYS Store is happy to introduce them as the very first retailer in Germany to our neighbourhood and the rest of the world. Welcome M0D44.

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