In the world of fashion, new trends and styles are constantly emerging, reflecting people's contemporary preferences and needs. One of these styles that has gained immense popularity in recent years is Gorpcore, and anyone with even a slight interest in fashion has surely heard of this term. Followers of Gorpcore wear clothing originally designed for camping, hiking, and climbing: quilted down jackets, comfortable waterproof rain jackets and parkas, hiking boots, warm fleece sweaters and jackets, wide nylon pants, and roomy backpacks and fanny packs that keep your hands free. It's no secret that our store and our ARYS brand are considered pioneers of this movement in the modern fashion industry. But let's delve into the details.

The trigger for this major trend in the mainstream can be attributed to  Frank Ocean's appearance in public in 2019 at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris. He was spotted in an orange Mammut jacket and an Arc'teryx beanie in the front row of the runway show. This raised certain questions: Why did such a well-known musician choose to wear mountaineering clothing at a major show where many celebrities wear haute couture? However, the questions quickly shifted to an interest in the aesthetics of functionality, technology, and comfort. This happened, especially at a time when the normcore trend, which embraces everyday normality in fashion, was extremely popular. This was likely the point when outdoor brands gained widespread recognition in the fashion industry's collective consciousness. Of course, the roots of the outdoor trend existed prior to that, but they were limited to a select group of style-conscious fashion enthusiasts who read fashion magazines from Japan or drew inspiration from the looks of celebrities and various subcultures from previous years. For example, back in the '90s, rappers like B.I.G wore clothing and gear from The North Face and other classic outdoor brands. Or the beloved actor Robin Williams, who was a famous fashion geek. We can also recall the Italian subculture of Paninaro, whose members incorporated down jackets, windbreakers, and baggy pants from The North Face and Moncler into their looks. However, the broader understanding that outdoor clothing is not limited to sports activities or the typical office worker (no offense) who may not be into fashion, but can also be a perfect element for modern urban style worn by various celebrities, has only recently emerged.

But what does the term mean from a linguistic standpoint? The word "Gorpcore'' originated in 2017 when Jason Chen, the editor of The Cut, noticed the growing trend of outdoor aesthetics in fashion and decided to document it by inventing a new term. It is derived from the earlier trend "normcore" (which we've already mentioned) and the abbreviation of the phrase "good old raisins and peanuts'' (GORP) – a slang term that refers to a mixture of various nuts and dried fruits, also known as trail mix. Trail mix is a nutritious, easily digestible, and natural snack that can be taken along while hiking, at work, or on a picnic with friends. These two components of the term are directly linked to its main idea – wearing simple and understandable, yet innovative garments for active leisure activities in urban environments, where the main requirements are usefulness, comfort, and versatility. In fact, Gorpcore offers clothing for any occasion, allowing you to look stylish without sacrificing comfort.

But what sets Gorpcore apart from other recent trends? Let's delve into its unique features:

Comfort and Functionality: Gorpcore is all about supreme comfort and practicality. It includes waterproof or water-resistant  jackets, fleece sweaters, windproof pants, thermal underwear, backpacks with organized structure – everything you need to tackle changing weather while staying cozy in both the great outdoors and city life.

  • Layering and Blend of Styles: It effortlessly merges streetwear elements with functional outdoor clothing. Picture classic windbreakers and padded vests paired with relaxed nylon cargos or baggy jeans, classic trail or running sneakers, and other urban gears like sporty sunglasses, a volume rucksack, a woolen beanie, and a comfy water bottle. The more layers, the better.
  • Diverse Colors: Gorpcore often embraces earthy khaki tones and forest patterns, creating a connection with nature that adds a touch of freedom and authenticity to the overall style. But the palette isn't limited to natural hues; let's not forget about bright colors like red, orange, neon green, and yellow. These colors, traditionally used in climbing, serve a practical purpose, ensuring visibility during extreme outdoor activities for safety. And of course, there's the timeless allure of total black, especially beloved among techwear enthusiasts.
  • Technological materials: Materials are often used here that can repel moisture effectively, do not wrinkle, can be easily cleaned of dirt, and allow proper ventilation. For example, nylon, polyester, and blends of natural and synthetic fabrics.
  • Simplified Dressing: Although layering,  Gorpcore  advocates for a simpler approach to fashion, focusing less on consumerism and more on quality over quantity. It also embodies a pursuit of ecological consciousness and pure comfort, making dressing a hassle-free experience.

These essential factors have fueled Gorpcore's popularity among a diverse audience, thrusting it into the mainstream spotlight. However, it's worth noting that longtime outdoor enthusiasts might have reservations about their beloved brands being swept up in fashion hype. Yet, this phenomenon is typical of all trends, isn't it?

With the increasing trend, numerous emerging young brands are blending progressive design, innovative fabrics, and comfort seamlessly. Take our ARYS brand, for instance; it can be classified as part of the Gorpcore style, albeit with some reservations. On one hand, our products are crafted from technological and durable fabrics that shield against any weather conditions. On the other hand, our garments manage to strike the balance of being appropriate, modern, and stylish in urban settings, whether it's at work or during leisure activities. Achieving this isn't always the norm for well-established classic outdoor brands, primarily designed clothing for activities. Except for us, there are also well-known and interesting brands of the new wave of outdoor clothing from around the world, like and wander, Côte & Ciel, CAYL, CCP, GR10K, HGGB Studio, designer Luca Hamers, meanswhile, Ostrya, Parel Studios, San San Gear, and XLIM, that fall under this style. Furthermore, some classic brands are evolving too, incorporating new technologies and modern silhouettes to meet the demands of the urban jungle, including Descente, Goldwin, Gramicci, Klätermussen, La Sportiva, Houdini, Merrell, Salomon, Snow Peak and WildThings. All of these brands are available in our store.

So, it can be said that Gorpcore is gradually reaching the peak of its popularity. Numerous famous individuals are frequently seen wearing this type of clothing. A large number of ordinary people on the streets also choose it widely. Collaborations between major fashion houses and outdoor brands (such as Martine Rose x Napapijri, Jil Sander x Arc'teryx, The North Face x Gucci, and others) continue to emerge. Moreover, the latest collections from fast-fashion brands, featuring trekking elements and accessories, emphasize the popularity of the Gorpcore style. This trend has gained such momentum that even the renowned hype generator Jjjjound has collaborated with Salomon on their sneakers, which, although released not so long ago, have already become a timeless classic in the sneakerhead world...

However, it's important not to take Gorpcore too seriously, as with any mass phenomenon, as all popular trends eventually fade away. But unlike other trends, we are confident that Gorpcore, in various modified forms, will always remain a part of the fashion world. For instance, BoF predicts a new phase of vitality for this brand in 2024 and further, asserting that it will endure for an extended period, fortifying its presence in the public consciousness while undergoing modifications, aspiring to be more urban-centric. Well, we wholeheartedly agree because once you experience functional and technological clothing, you'll never want to go back to anything else. That's why we look forward to continuously impressing you with new items in our store in the long run.